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SchoolTV Editions

School TV is a world first wellbeing platform that address the modern-day realities faced by parents who increasingly need clear, relevant and fact-based information around raising safe, happy and resilient young people. Whilst there is much information available on the web and in books, it can be confusing and overwhelming for parents who are looking for guidance, especially if a specific matter has arisen in family life which may require credible and sound information as well as practical and realistic strategies.

May we encourage you to overview the content but more importantly use this resource if and when needed to support your child and family through particular needs as they may arise. At a time when the wellbeing of our youth has never been more challenged, we are pleased to offer this accessible, credible and empowering resource to our families free of charge. We are sure you will gain value from access to this expert-rich, aggregated tool.

Our College Counselling Team of fully qualified child psychologists is also available for support of all students Prep to Year 12. Additionally, our College Chaplain is also happy to meet with parents and students who are experiencing difficulties in both learning and relationships.