Christian Activities | Thomas Hassall Anglican College

Christian Activities

At the College we are delighted to offer students with a wide range of voluntary programs that aim to assist students in their spiritual growth and nurturing. These groups are targeted at teaching, serving and growing students at all ages and levels of development in Jesus name.

Each group/program is designed to enable students to learn about Jesus and the Bible through activities, a Bible Talk/ Study and opportunities for discussion and prayer. Teachers and Ministry Staff work with student leaders to mentor, develop and implement programs.

JAM (Jesus and Me) - Junior School

JAM is Christian lunch group for students in Primary School. JAM is meeting place where students have the opportunity to meet in fellowship, have some fun and dig deeper into God’s word through Bible based talks. JAM is a place to meet and grow in faith and understanding of Jesus, but also a place for students to come to explore what the Good News of Jesus is and what it means to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour in their life. JAM is held every Friday Lunchtime in S-Block and is supported by a wide range of Junior School Teachers and Ministry Staff.

JAM CAMP - Junior School

JAM Camp (Jesus and Me) is a camp run for JAM Junior School Students. J-Camp is an intentional time of fellowship, growth and teaching for students focusing on Jesus and the Bible. J-Camp is one of Junior School highlights for the year, allowing students to interact with Christians from other years and grow in faith.

ABIDE - Senior School

ABIDE is a Christian lunchtime group for Senior School students. Every Friday at lunch we provide a place where students can meet to learn more about God and find that spiritual peer group that will walk with them through school years.

In ABIDE we have Bible discussion, prayer, and games.  It is an open group that welcomes both Christian students and those still trying to work out who God is.  ABIDE is supported by the Ministry Staff, High School Teachers, as well as a group of student leaders.