Learning Support | Thomas Hassall Anglican College

Learning Support

We understand that not every student finds the learning process easy and therefore we have a range of support programs which we tailor to suit the specific needs of our students. We work as a team with individual students, their families, teachers and healthcare providers to implement adjustments to help fill learning gaps so that each student can achieve their personal best.

We believe that early intervention is vital to successful learning, however, we also support eligible students from Years 7 to 12 by providing reading assessments, classroom assistance, one-on-one tutoring for literacy and numeracy as well as a range of special provision for tasks and examinations.

We use a range of excellent evidence-based literacy and numeracy programs to assist our students such as Multilit Word Attack Extension, Literacy Planet Online Interactive Program and Exploration Comprehension. However, our most important asset is our team of trained teachers and teachers’ aides who prioritise the learning and wellbeing of each student in our care.

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