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Thomas Hassall Anglican College has an open enrolment policy, it is non-selective (no entry testing) and welcomes students from all ethnicity, religion, cultural or socio-economic background.

Priority is given to siblings of current or past students.

All applicants are expected to demonstrate support of the College’s Vision and Values and to apply themselves fully to their academic studies, co-curricular pursuits and service opportunities throughout their school life.

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Applications are open for 2024 and beyond. Limited places are also available for immediate starters in some grades.

We will send acknowledgement of your Application within 48 hours. Formal interviews are held in the year preceding enrolment.

Parents are required to present a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate/evidence of Australian citizenship, two passport sized photographs of their child, evidence of childhood immunisation, copy of any relevant school reports or progress (in the case of Kindergarten) and disclose details of an educational, medical or other support that the child has or is receiving. This should include information regarding relevant learning needs to ensure appropriate assessment of requirements.

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Children will not be offered a place in Kindergarten unless they will have reached the age of five years by 30 April in the Kindergarten year. Likewise, children will not be offered a place in Prep unless they will have reached the age of 4 years by 30 April in the Prep year.

An offer of a place at the College will only be made following an interview with the Principal, Deputy Principals or their nominee. The Principal has total discretion on places of offer and will consider the education needs of each application. Where necessary, further consultation with parents, family or other relevant people will be conducted. Strategies to accommodate applicants will be identified and consider before an offer is made.

Offers will be prioritised in accordance with attendance of siblings and then in order of date of receipt of application and following interview. A response to the offer is required within 14 days. If there is no place available at the time, a place is offered on the waiting list and when a vacancy becomes available a place is offered.

All enrolment procedures and practices comply with the state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

Fees are reviewed annually by the College Council.