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How to use the Parent Portal

Instructions on how to access and use the Parent Portal

Visit the College web site 

Click on the 'Login' button in the top corner

Parent Portal 1


Then click 'Parent Portal' option
Parent Portal 2



Click on the 'Current Students' in the menu bar and select 'Portal' from the drop down menu
Click on the ‘Parent Portal’ tab

Parent Portal 3


At the Edumate log in type in your username and password 
PLEASE NOTE: Login information is provided by the College.  If you have not received this information please contact the office.
Parent Portal 4

The first time you log in you will be required to change your password.

Parent Portal 5
OLD password is the one you have just used to log in NEW password is one that you make up. Confirm New Password – enter your NEW password again 
Click on Save

When you login to the Parent Portal, the following screen will be displayed:
Parent Portal 1


By default, the News Feed and At a Glance/Profile will be shown. Other functions within the Parent Portal can be accessed via the ‘My Edumate’ menu that is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.


News Feed – displays important information such as the weekly College Notices and any items requiring your action (for example, event permission approvals such as an excursion).


The Broadcast tab shows messages posted by the College:


Parent Portal 2


The To Do tab displays items requiring your action:


Parent Portal 3


At a Glance – displays information for each of your children including their timetable, classes, attendance and wellbeing.


Progress – shows upcoming tasks, past tasks and academic reports for each of your children. The upcoming and past tasks are mainly for Senior School students:


Parent Portal 4


Diary – displays future events, tasks and timetables for each of your children.


Spaces, Units, Lessons – this is a new feature within the Parent Portal that provides access to specific groups that your child/children may be part of - See "How to Acess Spaces" in this section for more information.

Debtor Portal – provides access to the Debtor Portal for paying College fees. For more instructions please click Debtor Portal above.

To change details, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then Update personal details:

Parent Portal 5

Once details have been adjusted and changes have been submitted, the College will need to approve the changes. Changes will not be displayed in the parent portal until they have been approved by the College.


To change your password, please contact the College.

Once you have logged in to the Parent Portal, use the At a Glance/Profile to select the child you wish to verify an absence for. Click on the Attendance tab:


Parent Portal 6


If you have unexplained absences that need to be verified, the message “Recent unexplained absences exist. Click to submit carer explanation/s” will be displayed under Absence Notifications (see above). Click on this message to enter your carer explanation/s.


Select the relevant date using the tick box, apply a reason for the absence (sick, sick – medical appointment, or other) and details in the textbox.


Parent Portal 7


If you have multiple unexplained absence to verify, click Submit and do more, otherwise, click Submit and close.



College Notices will be published in the Parent Portal each week that contain information about upcoming events and other announcements for the forthcoming week. After logging in to the Parent Portal, ensure that the News Feed has been selected (using the My Edumate menu) and click the Broadcast tab in the News Feed window:


Notices 1


Click View Entire Post to see all of the details contained within the College Notices:


Notices 2

Instead of granting permission for events such as excursions using a paper form, the College is transitioning to the electronic granting of permission using the parent portal.


To grant permission for an event, login to the parent portal.


Events that require you to grant permission will be displayed in the News Feed under the All tab:


Event Permission 1


The To Do tab also displays events requiring your permission:


Event Permission 2


Click on the event title or the ‘Click to respond’ link to view details about the event:


Event Permission 3


The event permission window will be displayed:


Event Permission 4


Click on the Event Documentation link to view details about the event. This will download the information note which will need to be opened to view. Please read the information about the scheduled event.



Event Permission 5


Enter any important information that the College should be aware of regarding your child’s attendance at the event in the Notes section:


Event Permission 6


Click Grant Permission to authorise your child’s attendance at the event.


The News Feed will now indicate that you have successfully granted permission for the event by displaying the event in green and showing Permission: Yes


Event Permission 7

To view your child’s timetable, use the At a Glance/Profile section of the parent portal to select the relevant child (if applicable):


Timetable 1


Next to your child’s name, click View timetable:


Timetable 2


The timetable will be displayed with the option to print it in the top right-hand corner.

To view upcoming assessment tasks along with past tasks, use the My Edumate menu to select the Progress option:


Assessment 1


Select the relevant child (if applicable) and upcoming tasks will be displayed:


Assessment 2



To view assessment task results, use the My Edumate menu to select the Progress option:


Results 1


Select the relevant child (where applicable) and click the Past Tasks tab:


Results 2


To view results for a task, click the Results link next to the specific task. The results will be displayed and can be printed:


Results 3

To view academic reports, use the My Edumate menu to select the Progress option:


Reports 1


Select the relevant child (where applicable) and click the Academic Reports tab:


Reports 2


All available Academic Reports will be displayed. Click the link to the relevant report to download a copy.

Spaces are locations in Edumate that are designed for sharing specific content.


To access Edumate spaces, click on Spaces, Units, Lessons (under the My Edumate menu):


Space 1


Select the required space by clicking on the button in the Spaces, Units, Lessons portlet (E.g. College Community):

Space 2


The space will be displayed:

Space 3


Access important documents from the left-hand menu (under the College logo).


Announcements will be posted under the News section and will also appear on your dashboard under the News Feed:


Space 4

Login to the Parent Portal and click Debtor Portal from the left-hand menu:
debtor portal 1


Click ‘Configure Auto Payments’ on the right-hand side of the debtor portal:


Debtor Portal 2
Under Direct Debit Request, tick the option to Enable Automatic Payments:
Debtor Portal 3
Enter the payment method and frequency options:
Debtor Portal 4

Click Save to complete the process.

If automatic payments are already activated, the portal will display the frequency and amount currently being paid. In the debtor portal, click on the Configure Auto Payments button to change the settings.


The current settings are again displayed in the Direct Debit Request screen along with options for making changes.

The direct debit facility can be deactivated by clicking on the Enable Automatic Payments.


Clicking on the Bank Account option will display fields for entering bank account details. There is an active link for displaying the Direct Debit Service Agreement as well as a corresponding tick box to confirm the agreement with the terms and conditions set out in the agreement. This tick box needs to be ticked before you can proceed.


Debtor Portal 5
Selecting the credit card option will display fields for entering card details:
Debtor Portal 6
In the payment options section of the screen, select the desired payment frequency. The balance due option will automatically debit the balance that appears on each invoice on the due date that is on the same invoice.
Debtor Portal 7
Further options allow you to set the day that funds will be debited. Once a frequency option has been selected, the Instalment Amount will automatically be calculated to reflect this. An amount can be entered into the Top Up Amount field to also pay charges (non-tuition fee debit transactions) in instalments (see below).
Debtor Portal 7

The optional item selections part of the screen provides the option of adding to the direct debit instalments a regular donation to the Building and/or Library fund(s). This can be deactivated by you at any time by deselecting the option ‘Add to Each Instalments’. The amount can be changed by clicking on the dollar amount.


Debtor Portal 9
The Top Up Amount will continue to be debited in addition to tuition fee instalments until you remove it from the direct debit settings.
Debtor Portal 10
Click save to finalise your new instalment settings.


Learn how you can quickly and easily access the Thomas Hassall Anglican College School app.


Step 1
Search for Thomas Hassall Anglican College on the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the Thomas Hassall Anglican College School app.


Step 2
Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you will be able to sign in using your Thomas Hassall Anglican College login.


Step 3
Explore the features of your new app by tapping the tiles on the dashboard.


Step 4
Step 4
Ensure notifications and alerts are on. You will now receive the latest updates and information from the school.