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Booking Event Page

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Year 6 Ceremony

Year 6 Ceremony

Tuesday 28 November | 9am

John Lambert Auditorium

Year 6 Dinner

Year 6 Dinner

Tuesday 28 November

$50 per student

6pm - 8.30pm

Prep Celebration




PREP WHITE AND RED: Wednesday 29 November

PREP BLUE AND PURPLE: Thursday 30 November

TIME: 1.30 pm

Family Breakfast Picnic


Friday 1 Dec

7.30am - 9.30pm

Top Oval



Years 1 and 2 String Program

Years 1 and 2 strings

This initiative allows students the opportunity to learn the violin and is directed by Mr Ehab Ibrahim

Talented Athletes Program - Registration

Talented Athletes Program

Register for Co-curricular Sports at the College using this registration form

Father's Day IOU

Fathers Day
If you have received a Father's Day IOU please use this link to pay

Young Illustrators & Writers Magazine


Buy the 2023 Young Illustrators & Writers Magazine

Only $18 with Proceeds towards our Compassion Child in Peru