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P & F Events


We regard our College families and friends as partners in the process of educating children at the College. We are all teachers and learners in various capacities. 

We provide many opportunities for you to be involved in the College life. This includes Parent Information Evenings, Special Assemblies, Book Fairs, Concerts, Musicals, Events, Carnivals, the Southwest Festival and more.

The College is very appreciative of the multitude of ways in which parents, grandparents, family and friends assist the College and teachers, at carnivals, with reading, craft and sporting activities etc.

At the beginning of each year, the College conducts an Induction Program for Voluntary Helpers. This Program informs helpers about the College's Policies and practices in respect to Health and Safety, Child Protection, Responding to Emergencies, Professional Standards and Privacy and Confidentiality.

The College's Parents and Friends Association plays an important role in developing the College Community, making new parents feel welcome, event organisation, fundraising and generally enhancing the quality of the learning environment. Our students are the beneficiaries of such generous support. All parents are encouraged to join the Parents and Friends Association and become active participants in the life of the College. Donations of goods, services and time as well as trade and professional expertise are most appreciated and accepted with gratitude.