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The College is governed by a Council.  The Council comprises ten people appointed by and accountable to the Board of the (SydneyDrGHuard.jpg) Anglican Schools Corporation. 

The Council is chaired by Dr Geoff Huard (pictured), retired Anglican Archdeacon of the Georges River Region. The other members of the Council are:

Mr Gary Angel 

Accountant; long-term resident of West Hoxton

Rev David Clarke Minister at Hoxton Park Anglican Church
Mrs Isobel Lin Chemical engineer, Member of the Executive Committee - EQUIP Women.
Long standing resident of Fairfield
Mr Craig MoorePsychologist and Senior Manager in the field of Human Services.
Mrs Julie Pearson

Accountant and resident of Liverpool
Board Member of Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation

Rev Stuart StarrMinister at New Life Anglican Church, Oran Park
Rev Jonothan SquireMinister at Harrington Park Anglican Church
Mr Max CaddyRepresenting the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation
Mr Ross WhelanCollege Principal

The Council sets the direction for the College and monitors its progress.
The educational leadership and management of the College is entrusted to the Principal.