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Thomas Hassall Anglican College supports a flourishing extra-curricular Performing Arts program spanning all ages, and offers a range of ensembles. 

Students regularly perform at school assemblies and College events, as well as community initiatives and both National and International Tours.

The Senior Concert Band involves students from Years 7-12, performing repertoire ranging from Broadway and Musical Classics, Classical Music and Symphonic Wind arrangements. Instruments used in the Concert Band include flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas, baritone horns, euphonium, drums, string bass, oboe, percussion (including Timpani). Students perform with experienced professional musicians during rehearsals and run sectionals at the beginning of rehearsals

This is the College’s premier ensemble, featuring our most experienced musicians, performing a range of funk/blues/jazz and vocal classics. Included in the ensemble are Trumpets, Trombones, Saxophones and rhythm section. Students wishing to join the Senior Stage Band must be involved in the Senior Concert Band. In 2015, the Senior Stage Band performed at the Manly Jazz festival. 

This ensemble is designed for beginning and intermediate concert band musicians. Similar to the Senior Concert Band instrumentation the level of repertoire is simpler with the intention to introduce students to the demands of performing in a large scale ensemble. Students have experienced professional musicians perform with them during rehearsals and run sectionals at the beginning of rehearsals.

Featuring advanced players from the Intermediate Concert Band, this groups performs a range of funk/blues/jazz and vocal classics. Included in the ensemble are Trumpets, Trombones, Saxophones and rhythm section. 

Every student in year 4 is given the opportunity to perform in a concert band and receive lessons as part of their school fees. In consultation with the Director of Ensembles, Students choose the instrument they would most like to play and learn and regularly play and perform on their instrument. Students from this program often join College ensembles to further their opportunities.

Instruments included are violin, viola, cello and double bass. In 2016, the string orchestra will provide a short sectional with a professional musician followed by a rehearsal period.

This group features a small amount of more advanced string players at the College. Instruments accepted are violin, viola, cello and double bass. The Senior String Ensemble regularly performs at College events and assemblies. Rehearsals take place during Monday lunchtimes.

The Chapel Band performs contemporary Christian Music at various College events and local youth groups. They regular play at the College chapel services and end of year celebration events.

A new chapel band will commence in 2016 featuring students from the Junior School. Students will perform modern contemporary christian music in a popular music ensemble setting. 

The Junior Band involves students from Years 4-6. These are beginning musicians who have the opportunity to practice their skills and perform together as they shape their early musical development. A variety of instruments are accepted into this group. The focus is on students having an outlet to practice their skills and working together as a team. 

There is a Junior and a Senior drum-circle. These groups use African drums called ‘djembes’ and bass drums called ‘dun-duns’, as well as congas and bongos, to perform traditional African rhythms. Students study various accompanying rhythms and solo phrases, as well as working on group compositions. This is a great way to develop fundamental musical knowledge, and learn how to work as a team, and have fun! Rehearsals for these groups are during lunchtimes.

Senior Vocal Group is an auditioned group of secondary vocalists from Years 7-12.  Rehearsals take place every Monday afternoon, after College, under the choral direction of Mrs Allison Lewis and assisted by our vocal tutor, Francesca Olson.  Students in this group sing a range of challenging repertoire incorporating multiple harmony parts and Acapella singing.  Senior Vocal Group have the opportunity to sing at various College events and in the wider community.

Junior Choir is an auditioned group of junior vocalists from Years 3-6.  Rehearsals take place every Thursday afternoon after College under the choral direction of Mrs Allison Lewis and assisted by our vocal tutor, Francesca Olson.  During rehearsal Junior Choir are equipped to learn simple and effective vocal techniques in order to sing correctly and in harmony.  They sing a range of repertoire including rounds, gospel music, popular music and other forms of choral repertoire suited to their age group.  Junior Choir have the opportunity to perform at various College Events and in the wider community.

STAGE 3 CHOIR (Years 5 & 6):
Stage 3 Choir consists of all students in Years 5 & 6.  It is a mandatory choir that runs during College hours as part of the Stage 3 Creative Arts curriculum.  During this focused music time, students are encouraged to develop a love for singing whilst developing musical skills related to pitch, rhythm, musical notation and performance.  Students are given the opportunity to listen to music, compose music and perform music in a range of styles and genres.  They are also given various platforms for performance including College assemblies and Junior School events.