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Enrolment Package
An enrolment package includes: Application for Enrolment Form, College Prospectus, Student Fee Schedule and the Uniform Brochure.

Interview with Principal or Nominee
An offer of a place at the College will only be made when a child and his/her parents/guardians have been interviewed by the Principal or his nominee. The Principal has total discretion as to whether a place is offered.

Student Documentation Requirements
At the interview, parents will be required to present a copy of their child's birth certificate, evidence of the child's Australian citizenship, two passport-size recent photographs of their child, evidence that the child has been appropriately immunised, copies of relevant reports on the child's progress at pre-school (in the case of kindergarten) or school (in the case of all other students) and disclose details of any educational or other support program/assistance that the child has received or is receiving at a previous school or pre-school. It is important to disclose information regarding relevant learning needs to ensure appropriate assessment of students to identify learning needs.

Enrolment Process
All supporting documents will be considered and the educational needs of each applicant will be assessed and where necessary further consultation with parents, family and other relevant people will be conducted. Strategies to accommodate applicants will be identified and considered before a decision regarding enrolment is made. Appropriate procedures will be followed according to relevant legislative requirements.

Student Age Requirements
Children will not be offered a place in Kindergarten unless they will have reached the age of five years by 30th April in the Kindergarten year. Likewise, children will not be offered a place in Prep unless they will have reached the age of 4 years by 30th April in the Prep year.

Priority Placement for Siblings
Siblings of children who are attending or who have attended the College will be given priority for placement only if the application for the child's enrolment has been received by January 31 of the year preceding that in which enrolment is desired. The offer of placement will then be contingent on there being a place available.

Letter of Offer Offers will be prioritised in accordance with attendance of siblings and then in order of date of receipt of application. If, after the interview an offered is made, a letter of offer is sent to the parent. A response to the offer is required within 14 days. If there is no place available at the time, a place is offered on the waiting list and when a vacancy becomes available a place is offered.